Pole lathing

  Participants will learn to cleave fresh greenwood, and shape it with axes and drawknives to prepare pieces for turning on the pole lathes. Using only simple traditional tools, the materials can be transformed into your very own stool, bench, rounder’s bat, massage roller or a range of other useful and decorative items. Certainly one finished item, maybe two or more are achievable in the day. Come and enjoy this ancient and absorbing craft, facilitated by an experienced tutor, and take the benefits of your hard work home with you at the end of the day.    

Course aims:

Producing a cleaved and trimmed blank from a log ready for turning.Setting up and using a pole-lathe, including the correct selection and use of appropriate tools. Gain basic pole-lathe turning techniques.Becoming confident and working safely with tools like axes, froes and drawknives.

Going away with knowledge of some of the history, and how to produce various shapes or finishes on your product using the lathe and chisels provided.


Next events:

4th December 2023