My two-day greenwood gate-making workshop, will take you through all the steps and processes of making your own small, cleft ash gate. Over the two days you will be shown how to cleave/split ash wood logs, use a shaving horse and the safe use of tools like drawknives and axes in order to shape and peel your wood. You will also learn how to cut out traditional mortise and tenon joints and then assembling your gate as an individual or as a group project.





Course aims:

Introducing new learners to the art of building a gate with devices and hand tools such as: axes, draw knives and a shaving horse. Leaving with the confidence of how to use these tools in a creative and safe manner.

Gaining the skills to choose appropriate timber for making a gate. Developing some traditional carpenters skills in order to build the gate.


Next events:

4th December 2023