Woodland devices and furniture 

Building pole lathes, wooden mallets and shaving horses.

On this three-day course you will learn how to build your very own pole lathe or if it’s the four-day course a shaving horse and mallet too. Basically all the devices you will need to get you started in the art of green woodworking.

The first two days will be spent making the lathe from high quality seasoned dimensioned hard and softwood that are already assembled into kits for you. You will be carefully guided from the beginning through to the end, stage by stage, to produce a durable and efficient pole lathe that will last for many years.
 On the third day, after your pole lathe has passed its first turning test, the emphasis will be on learning how to use the main green woodworking tools safely and accurately to produce a small turned item.

You will use specialist hand tools such as carving axes, froes, drawknives, turning gouges and chisels. All materials, tools and devices will be provided. You will leave with a fully working pole lathe (and a shave horse if you book for the four days).

No previous knowledge or experience required.






Course aims:

Producing a finished pole lathe that you can take home at the end of the course.Becoming confident and working safely with tools like axes, froes and drawknives.

Going away with knowledge and some history of pole-lathes.


Next events:

23rd February 2024