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My name is Tony Allen, I offer workshops and private installations using natural materials, mainly greenwood, clay and willow rods.


The workshops are aimed at all ages and abilities, carrying a core theme of returning the participants back to a traditional way of working with natural materials.

Helping us get back in touch with our forefathers creative skills, skills that existed before this fast passed throw-away society we find ourselves living in today.

The workshops provide a chance to step away from this and once again become familiar with the processes involved in producing a product from raw natural materials, like wood, clay or stone. 
Developing new skills and knowledge about the materials and where they come from, the history of the devices and tools used, as well as leaving the course with a feeling of achievement and in most cases a product you made from beginning to end.

The products I supply have also been made wherever possible with the same skills and resources that were used in the times before industrial mechanisms, just simple man powered devices, tools and techniques.


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1. December 2020

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